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Top Rated Hosted Tours

1. Patagonian Overland Odyssey  -  $5,590 per person

Join our 15-day, All-Inclusive Overland through the heart of Chile and Argentina, and discover the hidden secrets of this land as we venture through the verdant Lakes District, temperate rain forest, huge ice fields, granite peaks and immense glaciers.

      Upcoming Departures:   November 10, 2019 (available)
                                                February 9, 2020 (available)
                                                February 23, 2020 (available)

"There is part of me that hesitates to report about a couple of guides we employed for an overland Patagoina trip. I am afraid if they get too discovered, we will not be able to afford them again! (Please laugh). Seriously, the two men who own Wangulen Odyssey did a terrific job and they deserve to be widely discovered so that others may enjoy this trip, too, a small-group tour going from Punta Arenas to Puerto Varas, Chile.... If a rating of 10 is great, then this trip was a 10 because of the wonderful natural beauty we saw and got to be a part of.... I think these guys are genuine, professional and easy to travel with."

Clough, J. (2014, Aug). Foreign tour companies. International Travel News, 46-47

2. Magic of Bolivia and Peru -  $4,990 per person

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This 13-day tour will immerse you into the land of the Incas, Quechuas and Aymaras.
Highlights include La Paz, Tiwanaku, Sucre and the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia,
then Lake Titicaca, Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu in Peru.

      2019 Departure:    August 17 (only 4 seats left!)
      2020 Departure:    August 15 (available)


2006 - 2018

Celebrating 12 years in Patagonia,
with over 1,200 happy travelers
from all corners of the planet!


Member of Chile Tourism Board

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